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Working at Salmones Camanchaca means being part of a team of talented professionals and technicians that stand out for their excellence, passion, commitment and responsibility. Join the food industry —a sector of great importance to Chile and the world. Learn about this interesting industry.


At Salmones Camanchaca, we seek the best, most passionate, most talented people, who are committed to and responsible for their jobs.

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Fernando Rodrigo Vásquez Iturra
Smoltification Plant Manager

My name is Fernando Rodrigo Vásquez Iturra. I am a fisheries engineer. I have been with the company for 19 years and am currently the Smoltification Plant Manager within the Fresh Water Division. I know the company very well; my father, Fermín Fernando Vásquez Muñoz, worked at Salmones Tomé for 40 years and brought me to see the facilities several times as a child. I am very proud and feel privileged to belong to Camanchaca and wear its colors and the Neptune symbol.

Natalia Pavez
Senior Farm Site Assistant

My name is Natalia Pavez. I am a Senior Farm Site Assistant in the Seawater Division. I have worked at Camanchaca for about two years and have had many great moments and interesting challenges. Also, being part of this team has allowed me to be in contact with nature, build bonds with communities and co-workers and develop professionally. I am happy to say that it has been a great experience.

Jessy Urtubia Silva
Production Control Analyst

My name is Jessy Urtubia Silva. I am a Senior Production Control Analyst for the Technical Division. Working at Camanchaca has given me the chance to participate in innovation projects, thanks to teamwork and support from co-workers and supervisors. Playing a role in the company’s development—both in production and community relations—makes every day an enriching experience for me.

Carlos Guerrero
Farm Site Operator

My name is Carlos Guerrero. I am a Farm Site Operator at Mañihueico in the Seawater Division. Camanchaca has enabled me to make a good living and give my family peace of mind. It provides a sense of security during troubled times like these (pandemic), giving me stable, safe work. I highly value the health measures taken by the company, such as administering CRP tests on all co-workers to prevent the virus from spreading.

Organizational Climate

Organizational climate evolution

Our organizational climate index has improved steadily over time and for the last two years is up more than 6% relative to the first study in 2012. These results can be attributed to ongoing management of the workplace climate based on diagnostics performed by the advising area from the Chilean Chamber of Construction’s OTIC (Intermediate Technical Training Body).