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Salmones Camanchaca S.A. is one of the founding companies of the Chilean salmon industry, with more than 30 years of experience based on complete integration in the value chain, from the genetics for breeders that generate their own eggs; the production of smolts in fresh water; he cultivation and fattening in sites in the sea; primary and secondary processing plants; And till the presence in the main destination markets of the product.

Currently the company cultivates, processes and markets salmonids, specifically Atlantic and Coho Salmon in its own and vertically integrated manner. It is also part of an association in accounts for participation for the cultivation of rainbow trout.

Salmones Camanchaca has 5 freshwater fish farms, 73 aquaculture concessions for cultivation in the sea and 2 processing plants to develop its production process work, which are located from the VIII to the XI region.

The average annual production is 60 thousand tons of Atlantic Salmon, 5 thousand tons of Coho Salmon and 12 thousand tons of Rainbow Trout.

The company has 5 commercial offices and representatives located in Mexico, the United States, Europe, China and Japan.

Integrated value chain

  • Own genetics with an improvement program with more than 15 years of the Lochy strain
  • Spawning plant: self-supplied with eggs from selected breeders, 20 million produced annually
  • Among the largest RAS facilities in Chile with an annual capacity of 12 million smolts at 140 grams.
  • Trout and Coho hatchery with a capacity of 6 million smolts
  • 74 aquaculture concessions used for the selection of salmonids in regions X and XI
  • Currently 24 active Atlantic salmon sites
  • 4 active Coho sites in region X (3) and XI (1)
  • 7 active trout farming sites in region X through a joint venture
  • Primary processing in San José and Surproceso. Total capacity 200k fish / day
  • Added value processing in Tomé in Region VIII
  • Daily Value Added Capacity for 20k HOG Frozen Fish, 20k HOG Fresh Fish and 50k Trim / Portions
  • Sales teams in the US, Mexico, Europe, Japan, China and Chile with sales to 38 countries
  • Ongoing joint efforts with the entire industry, to seize growth opportunities in core markets of the US, Asia and beyond

Our value creation plan

Efficient Growth

Reach 75-80,000 tons by 2023 using assets efficiently and maintaining operational efficiency

Development of new markets and Segments

Ensure processing capacity and flexibility to reach the main markets and segments

Progressive sustainability

Carbon neutral in 2025, most of ASC certified sites and antibiotic reduction by 50%