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The Company Our History

The Company dates back to 1987 when Camanchaca begins salmon farming operations by purchasing
the Polcura Hatchery.


Camanchaca produces its first smolts at the Polcura Hatchery. The first Atlantic salmon were stocked at the Peñasmó and Terao farm sites. Several concessions are acquired with a combined production potential of 80 thousand tons per year.​


Operations are expanded within the Los Lagos Region.​


Chile’s first recirculating hatchery for salmon begins operating, located on the Petrohué River, with a capacity of 15 million smolts/year.​


The Company acquires Fiordo Blanco S.A., adding new important aquaculture concessions and an Atlantic salmon breeding program, with an exclusive, faster growing breed, the Lochy strain.​


As a result of an ISA virus outbreak affecting the entire industry, the Company suspends production of Atlantic salmon until new sanitary and hygiene conditions, protocols and regulations can be implemented.​


Salmones Camanchaca S.A. is formed to group all salmon farming activities under one entity in order to focus and consolidate production resources.​


Atlantic salmon harvests are resumed, with healthy indicators and successful yields after a two-year interruption due to the ISA virus.​


almones Camanchaca becomes the world’s first salmon producer to earn three stars in the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification program.​


The Company is a founding member of the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI). The Company helps form New World Currents, an organization that markets Chilean salmon to the Chinese market. Camanchaca creates its first sustainability program, called Friendly Camanchaca, which focuses on community outreach, caring for the environment and healthy living. ​


The Company publishes its first Sustainability Report.​


The processing plants in Tomé and San José are certified under the ASC Chain of Custody standard and the Company earns a fourth star in the BAP certification program for the Petrohué Hatchery.​


Salmones Camanchaca completes simultaneous IPOs on the Oslo and Santiago stock exchanges, placing 30% of the Company’s capital and making it the first in Latin America to be listed on the world’s leading seafood market. Camanchaca is the first salmon company to register with the Huella Chile program from the Ministry of the Environment. ​


The Sustainability Model is unveiled and the Technical and Sustainability divisions are created. First Capital Market Day in Oslo. First harvest of Coho salmon. ​

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